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Address Changes

It is essential for licensees to notify the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) when they move to ensure that they receive renewal notices and other important information from the CFP. It’s also the law.

The Firearms Act gives licensed individuals 30 days to notify the CFP of a change of address. This can be done in one of three ways: 

  • On the CFP website at the Change Your Address Online page;
  • by phoning 1-800-731-4000 and following the prompts; or,
  • by writing to the CFP, specifying full name, firearms licence number, date of birth, old address, new address (the mailing address and physical location if different), new phone number, and the date of the move, at the following address:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Firearms Program
PO Box 1200
Miramichi, New Brunswick  E1N 5Z3

Licensees can also contact the CFP to confirm it has their current address on file.

Owners of restricted or prohibited firearms must obtain an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the provincial or territorial Chief Firearms Officer in order to legally transport a restricted or prohibited firearm from one location to another. This means they must obtain an ATT when moving from one residence to another. To apply for an ATT, owners of restricted or prohibited firearms should call the CFP or submit form RCMP 5490.

Help the CFP get your renewal and other notices to you on time: update your address!


For more information, contact the CFP.

This fact sheet is intended to provide general information only. For legal references, please refer to the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act and their corresponding regulations. Provincial, territorial and municipal laws, regulations and policies may also apply.

La présente fiche de renseignements est également disponible en français.