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Counterfeit Currency Analysis Course

Did you know that the Bank of Canada unveiled a new series of polymer bank notes? Do you know how to identify the security features on the polymer bank notes and the previous bank note series that are still in circulation? Do you know about the laws, policies and procedures that exist to combat counterfeiting? These are just some of the topics that are addressed in the new version of the Counterfeit Currency Analysis online course.

The Counterfeit Currency Analysis Course has been developed by the RCMP for those who require basic knowledge with respect to the identification of counterfeit currency.

This online course was developed in partnership with the following organizations as well as various branches of the RCMP. This training material would not have been possible without the support and contributions of the following:

  • RCMP Learning & Development Branch
  • RCMP National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau
  • Bank of Canada, Bank Note Communication and Compliance Team

Important Information

Eligiblity: This online course is available to all members of Law Enforcement and approved employees of the Bank of Canada.

Registration Instructions

  1. RCMP Employees: You will find this course in the online learning system, "Agora", available on the Infoweb.
  2. Non-RCMP: In order to register for this course, you must complete and submit the appropriate form located at Please note there is a $25 charge associated with the course.