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National Youth Advisory Committee

The RCMP's 201920 National Youth Advisory Committee

This year, NYAC members will have discussions and hear from experts on topics such as:

  • drugs and cannabis
  • healthy relationships
  • mental health
  • social media and technology

Do you want the chance to help shape what the RCMP has to offer for youth? Send your ideas or suggestions to Stay tuned for our summer 2020 NYAC recruiting campaign!

The RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee (NYAC) plays an essential role in shaping how the RCMP supports young persons. It brings together up to 150 youth between the ages of 13 and 21 from all over Canada to discuss important issues that they face in their respective communities. The NYAC provides valuable input to RCMP policies, programs and strategies.

How it works

The RCMP's NYAC is composed of two groups of young Canadians (between the ages of 13-17 and 18-21) from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Members meet on a moderated, private online forum to discuss youth trends, as well as youth crime and victimization issues. This commitment requires approximately two to four online hours per month, from October to June.

Your voice matters. To apply to be a part of the next NYAC, request the application package via email at

Why youth should get involved

  • Help inform and improve RCMP youth strategies
  • Interact with youth from across Canada and gain incredible insight
  • Develop critical thinking skills by answering discussion questions and exchanging views regarding current topics
  • Access more opportunities to get involved with local groups and organizations
  • Obtain a reference letter and 20 community service hours

For more information

Contact us at

What past members have to say

Ali (British Columbia)

Ali's testemonial. Text version below.

"It's a necessity to have committees like the RCMP NYAC - they give youth a voice, and an opportunity to be heard and assist in creating youth policies."

Ali, 20
British Columbia
National Youth Advisory Committee Member 2018-2019

Ariel (British Columbia)

Ariel's testemonial. Text version below.

"I really enjoyed being a part of NYAC. I always have a lot to say, and it feels great knowing that my perspective is reaching a larger audience who will use it to help others!"

Ariel, 15
British Columbia
National Youth Advisory Committee Member 2018-2019

Abhinav (Alberta)

Abhinav's testemonial. Text version below.

"I encourage all youth to apply to the NYAC. Not only can you voice your opinions in a meaningful way, but you can discuss with other individuals to find lasting solutions too many of the problems youth face!"

Abhinav, 16
National Youth Advisory Committee Member 2018-2019

Matthew (Prince Edward Island)

Matthew's testemonial. Text version below.

"If you want to make a change, applying to be a part of the National Youth Advisory Committee is the best way to do it!"

Matthew, 14
Prince Edward Island
National Youth Advisory Committee Member 2018-2019

Melanie (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Melanie's testemonial. Text version below.

"The RCMP NYAC is a great opportunity to collaborate with youth across the country and help address problems faced by young Canadians. I highly recommend applying to this committee!"

Melanie, 17
Newfoundland and Labrador
National Youth Advisory Committee Member 2018-2019