Alberta – success stories

Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

RCMP project aims to reduce repeat break-ins

Repeat victims of break-ins are getting some special attention from the RCMP. Read about how Project Lock Up is helping to reduce property crime and making owners feel safer.

Youth rodeo program builds riders' confidence

Young riders participate in the youth rodeo program on the Piikani Nation reserve in southern Alberta.

Keeping kids calm

RCMP Victim Services in Red Deer, Alta., has a new staff member and he's only two feet tall. Read more to find out how he's helping out.

RCMP partners with community to build rink and recreation centre

A new outdoor hockey rink in Chateh, Alta., is giving youth a place for sports and RCMP officers a chance to connect with the community. Read more to discover the community relationship.

Teaching a dog new tricks

Read how handlers with the RCMP's Police Dog Services unit spend years preparing themselves and their canine partners physically and mentally for the rigours of police work. It's a commitment to training that never stops.

Targeting mental illness

When cadets arrive at the RCMP Training Academy, they know they joined to serve and to protect Canadians. But once they become officers, they learn some calls are tougher to handle than others. Read more about important partnerships and resources that help people cope in a crisis.

Soft touch – Therapy dogs lower anxiety for victims

For victims of crime, especially children, interacting with a therapy dog can ease stress and anxiety that often accompany the experience of retelling tragic personal experiences. Read how the presence of a dog at the feet of a victim has shown to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and regulate breathing, helping the person better think through questions and give a more accurate account of what happened to them.

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