Canada 150 – Celebrating Canada with pride and tradition

As Canada's national police service and a proud Canadian icon, the RCMP is an important part of this country's 150th anniversary celebrations.

Our employees are excited to be part of events and initiatives across Canada and even overseas, where our liaison officers and peacekeepers are posted.

A special tour is planned for the famed Musical Ride between May and October, so join us for the celebration as we make stops in every province and one territory.

Spot Mounties in their renowned red serge and in their regular uniforms at events big and small throughout the year, especially on Canada Day.

Canada 150 stories

With 680 detachments across Canada – from major urban centres to remote, fly-in villages – the RCMP has strong roots in many communities.

Get to know more about the work we do in different parts of the country!

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  • You'll find stories, facts and photos highlighting our work and the contributions of our employees, both police and civilian, to this great country.

For history buffs

A vital part of Canadian history, the RCMP is deeply connected to the many communities we serve in.

From the march west in 1874 to establish law and order during the gold rush, to our duties in municipal, provincial and federal policing today, the RCMP is truly a symbol of Canada.

Look for a history fact every month on our social media pages or learn more on our history pages.

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