National Headquarters – success stories

Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

Being calm and alert

Just breathe — two words you might hear from someone who thinks you need to relax. They're also the primary elements of a program that Sgt. Marie-Josée McCool developed to help boost people's natural resilience to stress. Learn more about her program.

Don't drive high – New police training for updated drug-impaired driving laws

The RCMP is spearheading new changes to police officer training to keep more drug-impaired drivers off Canada's roads. Learn how the RCMP collaborated with police agencies across the country to develop new training courses, and update many others.

Making better-formed officers – Musical Ride strengthens key police skills

Being on the Musical Ride is more than just horsemanship. Read how RCMP officers are constantly honing their time management and teamwork skills while in training and on tour.

To shoot or not to shoot? Simulator training gets members thinking on their feet

Read how a use-of-force simulator at National Headquarters teaches members about the proper use of force by putting them in a situation where they have to make critical decisions very quickly.

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