Prince Edward Island – success stories

Through innovative initiatives and programs, the RCMP works with its partners, connects with communities and supports its people in order to keep Canadians safe.

Prince Edward Island RCMP Recruiting partners with the Retired Teachers' Association

Prince Edward Island RCMP has spearheaded a new program to assist applicants with preparation for the RCMP entrance exam. In partnership with the Retired Teachers' Association, tutoring assistance is now available to applicants. Many of the RCMP's best applicants have been out of school for years, many have not had to prepare for an exam, or some may lack the confidence. Rather than lose these applicants at the testing phase, a tutor can quickly bring them back up to their potential and realize their dreams of being a member of the RCMP. This has been presented as a best practice nationally and other provinces have already implemented similar programs.

Prince Edward Island RCMP Planning Meeting

Prince Edward Island RCMP's Commanding Officer led a planning meeting with staff that included various sessions on leadership, mentoring and career development. During the session, senior RCMP officers spoke about their career paths. One officer told his story about how he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and what he did to get better and keep working; and how PTSD doesn't mean losing your medical clearance or losing your job. He spoke from the heart, giving a great example of how people can overcome PTSD, learn coping techniques, and still do well in their careers.

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