RCMP partners with the NWAC and AFN on awareness campaign - posters

Created in 2014, these posters are part of the prevention efforts carried out by the RCMP, the Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).

Their main focus is to:

  1. encourage victims of family violence to report incidents to police
  2. encourage people to report cases of missing persons without delay
  3. highlight why every detail associated with a missing person is important

Family Violence Poster

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Sometimes… home is where the hurt is. Physical – Sexual – Threats. Don't keep family violence a secret. Help IS available. Talk to a person you trust. Report incidents of violence to your local police.

Missing Persons Poster #1

PDF Version

Haven't heard from her? Don't wait to act. Report a missing person immediately. Report it to your local police.

Missing Persons Poster #2

PDF Version

When someone is missing, every detail is important. Your tip could help bring a loved one home. Report what you know to your local police or Crime Stoppers.

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