• Manslaughter

Rosaleen Mary Wallace

Wanted on Canada-wide warrant for manslaughter.

On February 17 1987, Toronto police were dispatched to the residence of a five year old boy who had collapsed. Upon their arrival, Peter Anthony Wallace was found unconscious. Attempts to revive the child were unsuccessful and he died later at hospital. An autopsy determined that the child had died of Hirschsprung's Disease. Investigation revealed that the child’s condition had worsened in the previous two years leading up to his death. The parents failed to seek proper medical attention and the child had gone largely untreated for his disease.

Both parents were charged with Manslaughter. The father, Archie Wallace, was arrested and spent four years in jail for the crime. The mother, Rosaleen Wallace disappeared prior to the charges being laid and her whereabouts are unknown.

Working in conjunction with Toronto Police Service, Homicide Squad.

Personal description
  • Aliases: Rosaleen Mary Faderwallace / Rose Fader / Rosaleen Mary Fader / Rosie Wallace / Rosie Demitro / Joanne Dimitro / Rosemarie Fader / Joanne Wallace / Rosemarie Fader
  • Sex: Female
  • Born: July 1956
  • Place of Birth: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Hair Colour: Blond
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Weight: 96 lbs / 44 kg
  • Height: 4 ft 8 in / 142 cm


Take no action to apprehend this person yourself. Report any information to the nearest RCMP detachment or the police in your area or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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