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Message of thanks from Superintendent Marlene Snowman


The words written here will never seem to be enough, but must be expressed, to say thank you to the community that we call home, the place we are proud to live, and the community that will forever be linked to the RCMP, especially the Codiac regional detachment.

I also want our police officers, municipal employees and volunteers to know that I witnessed the strength they displayed during our time of grief. Many of them had to continue to work and put their feelings and emotions on hold, but I know they did it for our three fallen members, Doug, Dave and Fabrice and their families.

Everywhere I have gone in this city, everywhere RCMP members have gone, you, the residents of Greater Moncton, and visitors too, reached out to us to express condolences and appreciation to the men and women of Codiac, those who wear a uniform each day and those who are behind the scenes to support them.

There was no greater display than the gifts of condolences that were placed at the entrance to the Codiac Detachment on Main Street. You brought food, flowers, gifts, handmade cards, drawings and poems. You gave us hugs, pats on the back and you shook our hands. But the expressions of condolences and support for the RCMP didn't stop there. It seemed like everywhere we went in Greater Moncton there was a sign, a billboard, a picture in a window all saying thank you. And then there was social media. Thousands of messages from around the world have flooded in. It's been overwhelming and also so very comforting. As the Officer in charge at Codiac I know it's been appreciated by all the members and employees. They also all have their own individual stories of how the community has touched their hearts during a dark time for the community and the RCMP. Stories that I know will be told and retold for years to come as this outpouring of caring will never be forgotten.

The gifts of condolences will be gathered up this weekend and sorted out so that whatever can be preserved can be shared with the families. Three maple trees that were among the gifts given will be planted at the homes of the families of the three fallen members.

In times of grief and tragedy, it is our human spirit; our resilience; the connections that we have with our colleagues; our families and loved ones; and our community that help get us through tough times.

Codiac Detachment and our community has changed because of the events of 10 days ago. Our memories will remain, the pain will fade and Codiac will continue to keep the residents of Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview safe and secure.

And we know that at the same time you will be looking out for us and we couldn't be more grateful.

As I said at the beginning, words will never be enough but on behalf of Doug, Dave, Fabrice, their families and everyone at Codiac Regional RCMP, thank you.

Marlene Snowman, Superintendent
Officer in Charge,
Codiac Regional Detachment

- 30 -

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