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National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre

Fighting Child Sexual Exploitation in Canada

The NCECC functions as the point of contact for investigations related to the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet in Canada.

Services to law enforcement

  • the ability to respond immediately to a child at risk
  • coordination of investigative files
  • expertise in victim identification techniques
  • management of multi-jurisdictional cases
  • assistance with legislation, treaties, extradition orders and statistics
  • operationally relevant research
  • training specific to online child sexual exploitation investigations
  • management and training for the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS), an intelligence tool that enhances information sharing among Canadian investigators

Fighting Child Sexual Exploitation Internationally

The RCMP is combating online child sexual abuse worldwide as a member of the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT). The VGT is a multi-national law enforcement body that focuses on identifying, locating,and rescuing victims. The VGT also aims to divert those who attempt to use the Internet to abuse and exploit children.

The NCECC is Canada’s main portal for all matters related to the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet, including those destined for international agencies and those originating from foreign agencies and destined for Canada. The NCECC validates international requests and prepares and disseminates investigative packages to the proper jurisdiction within Canada.