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Drugs and New Trends - Mobile Application

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Available on Google play and on the App Store:

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General Description

This application provides timely and convenient access to a wide range of information about drugs and related trends in Canada.

Download the application for instant access to everything you should know about drugs:

  • main substances used;
  • synthetic drugs;
  • prescription drug abuse;
  • consumption methods;
  • effects and consequences;
  • visible signs and symptoms;
  • dangers of clandestine laboratories;
  • impact of organized crime;
  • myths and reality;
  • information aimed at parents;
  • legal status;
  • addiction;
  • … and much more.

The RCMP drug application was designed by experts to give you the straight facts about drugs and the risks associated with drug use. The information is presented in a straightforward, user-friendly manner to provide you with a clear, accurate picture of the subject matter.

The application will promote drug awareness among young people and their parents alike. It is intended for the general public, law enforcement agencies, addiction workers, educators, the various stakeholders in the fields of health, social and correctional services, and government agency personnel.

Access to the application content is also provided in a text format.