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The Quarterly

Published since 1933, The Quarterly is the official magazine of the RCMP Veterans' Association. Its origin stems from the activities and accomplishments of the Force which have and continue to be inextricably interwoven with the development of Canada. Since its early beginnings and even today, the Quarterly is intended to display the wealth of tradition, history and stories of the RCMP.

In October 1999, the RCMP Veterans' Association assumed publication of the Quarterly from the Force to ensure its continued success and enjoyment by all readers. Now more than ever, the Veterans' Association recognizes the importance of communication. The Quarterly offers the RCMP, its current and former members and interested contributors a chance to keep in touch and to share information on programs, events and stories.

Who reads the Quarterly?

With over 6,000 subscribers, the Quarterly's readership is comprised of current and former RCMP members and employees as well as various educational institutions, law enforcement and government agencies, libraries and historical societies as well as the general public. The Quarterly is often one of the only sources of reference regarding RCMP history available to these groups.

Quarterly subscribers are not only Canadian but international as well, whose only connection with the Force is a deep-rooting respect and admiration for the RCMP and everything on which it stands. Quarterly subscribers, be they individuals or agencies, are proud of their association with the RCMP.

The Quarterly has long enjoyed its international reputation for excellence and is considered by many to be in the same league as other prestigious law enforcement publications like Policelife (Australia), The Outpost (Zambia), The OPP Review (Ontario Provincial Police;, Legion magazine (, Centinelas (Argentina; as well as historical magazines like The Beaver (Hudson's Bay Company; and Montana (Montana Historical Society;

What makes the Quarterly so appealing?

  • Letters to the Editor allow readers to comment on articles and stories or ask questions.
  • Editor's Notes publicize upcoming activities and events.
    Articles cover events of interest, innovative community policing programs and collaborations with other law enforcement agencies, new police technologies, RCMP history and traditions. Humorous articles, stories and light-hearted vignettes are regularly included.
  • Scarlet & Gold™ features news, events and information specifically for RCMP veterans.
  • Divisional Dispatches feature RCMP members and employees involved in local, national and international community policing initiatives, fundraisers and competitions. Dispatches also contain the latest births and marriages, write-ups about new and retiring members, troop reunions, achievement recognition and awards across Canada.
  • Book News & Reviews on publications with a significant connection to the RCMP or of sufficient interest to a broad cross-section of its readership are also published.
  • Graduating troop photos, academic achievements, promotions, retirements, obituaries and, occasionally, In Memoriam for members killed in the line of duty are also included.

Note: The Quarterly is published separately in English and French. The publications are a mirror image of one another.

What are readers saying about the Quarterly?

"While on mission with UNCIVPOL in Haiti, we received several copies of the Quarterly. I must admit that in the past, I usually quickly leafed through the magazine. Perhaps it's the distance from home, family and friends, but this time I read the Quarterly from cover to cover, discovering news from old friends and troop mates as well as numerous interesting articles and stories about the Force."

"In reading your latest issue of the Quarterly, I was impressed with the scope of RCMP duties, as well as by its innovative approach to community policing. Your magazine is an excellent educational tool for my 20-year-old daughter as well as my son, both of whom are involved in the Explorer Program. Thank you for expanding my children's minds." [Gonic, New Hampshire]

"The last issue of the Quarterly has just arrived and I am happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single copy, since its inception in 1933. I think it is very helpful that the general public has access to information on the functions of the RCMP through a medium such as your magazine, in that it helps foster more favourable relations. The police are only as effective as the public can make them, therefore, good relations are essential. The Quarterly fulfils that requirement admirably." [Edmonton, Alberta]