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Commissioner's Diversity Advisory Committee

RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme poses with Members of the Commissioner's Diversity Advisory Committee June 20, 2024

The Commissioner's Diversity Advisory Committee (CDAC) provides advice to the RCMP Commissioner and senior executives on issues related to the RCMP's relationship with diverse communities. It also supports a fair working environment in the RCMP and provides advice on community policing.

Established in 1986, the CDAC, initially as the Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Visible Minorities, provides a diverse and inter-cultural lens on policies and practices related to:

  • recruiting
  • retention
  • promotion

Indigenous communities are represented on the Commissioner's National Indigenous Advisory Committee.

The committee has diverse representation from each province and territory. Committee members are appointed by divisional Commanding Officers. They meet with the Commissioner and her senior executives twice a year and also take part in ongoing discussions with the Commanding Officers and their provincial or territorial advisory committees. Committee members are to be well-informed on provincial/territorial policing matters.

The members:

  • bring forward concerns, issues and successes related to their particular community
  • promote and support communication between diverse communities and the RCMP
  • provide advice on cross-cultural training and orientation
  • provide advice on the recognition of values and cultures of diverse communities