National Law Enforcement Training

For over 140 years, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has earned a reputation of excellence in policing. Our officers are fully trained in law enforcement techniques, conflict management and community relations. It is the unique combination of these skills, coupled with a sincere belief in justice, that has made the RCMP the pride of Canada and a highly respected police force worldwide.

The RCMP receives many requests for training from law enforcement agencies and agencies with law enforcement mandates looking to capitalize on the expertise of the RCMP. The National Law Enforcement Training Unit (NLET) was established to meet these demands.

Although training can be conducted at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division, in Regina, many of our courses are portable and offered across Canada. We have delivered training in every major Canadian city from Vancouver to St. John's, from Toronto to Iqaluit and everywhere in between. These options enable federal organizations to get the maximum value for their training dollars.

We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of federal agencies across Canada. We deliver investigator courses, defensive tactics training as well as firearms training.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Law Enforcement Training Unit. We look forward to meeting your training needs.

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