RCMP Reserve Program

The RCMP Reserve program hires retired or former police officers to fill temporary vacancies within the RCMP. The program gives reservists a chance to continue to use their skills and knowledge to serve their community.

Currently, most reservists are retired RCMP regular members. However, some divisions also accept applicants from other Canadian police agencies.

Reasons you should join

Joining our Reserve Program comes with many benefits, such as:

  • earning extra income
  • flexible work hours
  • no long-term commitment
  • your choice of assignments, shifts and work locations
  • opportunities to work in other provinces and territories (including northern communities)

Minimum requirements to join

To become a reservist, you need to:

  • be of good character
  • be a graduate from a recognized Canadian police training institution
  • have at least two years of Canadian police experience
  • have successfully completed a field-coaching program
  • have retired or resigned in good standing within the last three years
  • meet the health requirements for operational duties
  • obtain a Secret security clearance

Duties of a reservist

While on duty, reservists have the powers and responsibilities of a police officer. They help RCMP members and services across the country by:

  • Temporarily filling in for operational members on leave
  • Deploying during special events, seasonally, or at times of emergency

Learn more and apply

Former RCMP regular members

If you are a retired or former RCMP regular member, please contact your divisional Reserve Program Coordinator.

Divisional Reserve Program coordinators

Applicants from other police agencies

The provinces/territories listed below recruit candidates from other police agencies. For more details on qualifications and how to apply, contact the Reserve Program coordinator in your province/territory:

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