Change at the RCMP

Things are changing at the RCMP.

This proud Canadian institution is evolving and modernizing to ensure excellence from coast to coast to coast.

We acknowledge the mistakes of our past, and are using them to drive positive change for the future. We are an organization with a rich history, traditions and culture, and are proud of our accomplishments. However, we know much of the work ahead involves changing aspects of our culture that no longer fit with what we are trying to achieve.

We aren't looking for stop-gap measures, but meaningful, long-term solutions. Real and sustained culture change takes time, but we are up to the task. We want to share the details of that work with you, not only what we are doing, but also why each initiative matters.

The RCMP marked its 150th anniversary in 2023. Priority number one continues to be ensuring we are the modern, inclusive and healthy organization that our employees and all residents of Canada expect of us.

This means continuously finding ways to take better care of our employees, treating all those we serve with dignity and respect, and carrying out our police work in ways that builds trust and confidence. This will ensure we can fulfill our primary mandate, which is to keep people safe.

Below are some of the many ways we are modernizing. Stay tuned to learn more about our efforts and follow our progress.

Update on RCMP modernization efforts

The RCMP of today is a very different institution than the one I joined more than 30 years ago, in the same way that it will be a very different place 30 years from now. I encourage all of us to embrace change as a driving force that supports the healthy growth and evolution of this proud Canadian institution, and will allow us to attract the very best into our workforce.

As Commissioner, I am committed to continuing to modernize our organization, deliver effective policing operations and improve our organizational culture. Information on our modernization progress will continue to be available on this web page. We have also joined the International Association of Chiefs of Police Trust Building Campaign, as another forum to publicly demonstrate our progress.

Real and sustained change takes time, and there is more work to do. Building on the progress made in recent years, we continue to drive change in key priority areas.

I am committed to ensuring we recruit and retain a skilled and diverse workforce, build a healthy and inclusive workplace culture and police in ways that demonstrate accountability and build confidence and trust.

We are changing.

Mike Duheme

The big five

Ensure a safe, equitable workplace

A number of critical reports on RCMP culture have reinforced that to prevent and address workplace harassment and discrimination, we need to take a long-term approach that addresses not only wrongful behaviour, but also its root causes.

Address systemic racism

We acknowledge that systemic racism exists in the RCMP, which impacts our employees, as well as the diverse communities we serve. This is why we are making fundamental changes to how we work, built on inclusivity and respect.

Advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

The RCMP is working to strengthen trust with Indigenous peoples in Canada. This is the beginning of a long road ahead, built on acknowledging past harm, listening with respect and taking positive actions to improve our shared future.

Support modern policing

As the environment in which police operate is continually changing, the tools, techniques and technology that the RCMP uses must evolve as well. To deliver high quality and effective policing, the RCMP must continually adapt to the changing demands and characteristics of the communities we serve and ensure our officers have the training and equipment they need.

Improve accountability, transparency and conduct

No one is above the law, including those who are sworn to uphold it. The RCMP is committed to having in place a fair, transparent, effective and modern system that addresses the conduct of our employees. We will ensure that employees are held to account and the consequences are meaningful and rehabilitative.

Our goals

The RCMP is a healthy and inclusive organization that provides modern policing services.

The RCMP's culture is characterized by respect for diversity and the contributions of all employees.

The RCMP has the trust and confidence of employees, communities, partners and other stakeholders.

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