Tools and resources to combat and prevent corruption

Our role

National interest investigations concern:

  • corruption of federal Canadian public officials
  • the integrity of federal institutions
  • matters requiring special investigative expertise such as Canadian companies or individuals offering bribes to officials of foreign countries

Such investigations are conducted by the RCMP's Sensitive and International Investigations. This team works cooperatively with other domestic and international law enforcement and government agencies and departments.

Anti-corruption prevention program

We coordinate awareness and prevention efforts with other stakeholders, such as:

  • government agencies
  • business associations
  • industry players
  • business schools

Presentations and risk assessment

We offer presentations across Canada on the RCMP's role in investigating corruption and bribery. They provide:

  • a comprehensive overview of the amendments in legislation
  • indicators to look for

We also developed a risk assessment tool that provides a checklist with the most common red flags related to the Corruption of Foreign Public Official Act.

To request a presentation or a copy of this risk assessment tool, please email

We will consider all presentation requests.

Other tools and resources

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