To get a Minor's Licence, you must:

  • be between 12 and 17 years old
  • take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and pass the tests (as determined in Section 7 of the Firearms Act)

When you turn 18, you will no longer be eligible for a Minor's Licence and you must apply for a PAL.

Note: Exceptions may be made for young children under the age of 12 (including Aboriginal minors) who need to hunt to sustain themselves and their families.

Allows Does not allow
  • borrowing non-restricted firearms for approved purposes (e.g., learning about the use of firearms, organized shooting competitions, hunting, or target practice)
  • purchasing ammunition (unless there is an age restriction under provincial or territorial law)
  • bringing firearms into Canada
  • acquiring firearms, even as a gift
  • possessing restricted or prohibited firearms

Before you can get a Minor's Licence, a Firearms Officer may interview you or your parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian must first agree and consent to the conditions under which you may use firearms.

Firearms safety training

To get this licence, you will have to take the CFSC and pass the tests unless:

  • you are applying as a minor sustenance hunter in which case you are not required to take the course and pass the tests. This type of licence has no minimum age. Contact your Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) to see if you meet the requirements for "sustenance hunter" in your province or territory.

Using firearms without a Minor's Licence

A minor can still use firearms of any class without a licence if they are under the direct and immediate supervision of someone who is licensed to have that firearm. The licensed person should be near enough to the minor to take immediate action to prevent any unsafe or illegal use of the firearm.

This applies to cadets and members of other youth organizations who learn about the use of firearms, or those who take part in target practice. It also applies to young people who go hunting or who use restricted or prohibited firearms in organized shooting competitions.


Any restricted or prohibited firearm used by a minor must be registered to an adult who has a valid firearms licence for these classes of firearms.


  1. Exception may be made if the minor needs a firearm to hunt or trap to sustain themselves or their family.
  2. The Minor's Licence is only valid for non-restricted rifles and shotguns. Licensed minors can use a handgun if they are under the direct and immediate supervision of someone licensed to have that class of firearm.
  3. A non-resident minor can apply for a Minor's Licence that will allow the minor to borrow a non-restricted rifle or shotgun for purposes such as hunting with a properly licensed outfitter.
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