Police officer careers

Make a difference in every part of Canada and around the world – The RCMP is hiring!

The RCMP is seeking motivated team players who are strong communicators, enjoy working with diverse communities, are physically fit and possess strong leadership abilities. All applicants must reflect the core values of the RCMP. These include act with integrity, show respect, demonstrate compassion, take responsibility, serve with excellence

The RCMP offers an exceptional career, letting you make a real difference in local communities and on the national and international stage. No other police force in Canada provides the levels of services and variety offered by the RCMP, as well as opportunities for continued learning and growth.


Screen 1

A horse and rider logo appears on a black background.

Super: rcmpcareers.ca

Screen 2

The screen is divided in two. On the top is an RCMP patrol car on a street while the bottom shows a hand on a steering wheel.

Screen 3

The screen is split in three. At the top left, we see an epaulette bearing the letters GRC RCMP. At the bottom left, we see officer Greyeyes-Brant in a bulletproof vest with the words POLICE. On the right, a female officer scans a snowy landscape.

Screen 4

The screen is split in three. On the left, a forensic investigator in white coveralls takes a picture of evidence.

Super: forensic identification (appears at the top right). At the top right, a forensic investigator examines evidence with a flashlight, then two members in dirty white coveralls open the door of a white SUV.

At the bottom right, a forensic investigator puts the number 3 on broken glass at a crime scene.

Super: 150 ways to grow

Screen 5

The screen is split in three. At the top left, someone is walking on a ship deck and at the bottom left, a pilot presses on a dashboard button. On the right, a helicopter is flying by.

Screen 6

The screen is divided in two. On the left, we see the front of a motorcycle with the words POLICE. On the right, we see the helicopter.

Screen 7

On the left, a screen split in three shows members of the Emergency Response Team walking with their firearms raised.

At the bottom right, we see a member of that same group from the side with his firearm raised.

Super: emergency response team (at the top right of the screen). A close-up of a police car light bar transitions to a convoy of police vehicles.

Super: 150 ways to make a difference

Screen 8

The screen is divided in three. On the left, a forensic investigator in white coveralls and goggles examines a ceiling with an ultraviolet light. At the top right, a female patrol officer writes in her notebook. At the bottom right, gloved hands remove evidence from the ground.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 9

On the left, a police investigator identifies herself to a male suspect.

Super: serious & organized crime (at the top right of the screen). The suspect is handcuffed, then shown watching as a police officer pulls a large bag of drugs out of a bag.

At the bottom right, handcuffs are put on a suspect.

Screen 10

On the left, a police dog and his handler moving into a field. At the right top, a police officer in a bulletproof vest gets out of a patrol car. At the bottom, we see an RCMP vessel on the water.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 11

On the left, we see a female officer getting into a patrol car. At the top right, we see a back view of the police dog and his handler moving through a field.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 12

On the left, a forensic investigator in white coveralls takes a picture of an object on the ground. On the top right, a diver swims underwater. At the bottom right, we see the back of a police officer wearing a vest with the words POLICE.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 13

On the left, a Zodiac-type boat is rolled into the water (SLOW DOWN THIS PART OF THE VIDEO TO ACTUAL SPEED). At the top right, gloved hands adjust a camera lens. At the bottom right, we see two police officers on foot patrol.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 14

On the left, we see a hand on the steering wheel of a boat. On the right, an officer talks into his walkie-talkie. On the bottom, a patrol officer stands next to his motorcycle and directs traffic.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 15

On the left, we see a helicopter flying by. At the top right, we see the legs of a police officer walking next to his bike. At the bottom, we see a head shot of a forensic investigator in white coveralls examining an object.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 16

On the left, we see a patrol car on the road. At the top right, an RCMP vessel passes under a bridge. On the bottom, we see a head shot of a police diver in full gear.

Screen 17

On the left, we see a forensic investigator in white coveralls taking a picture of a can on the floor. On the top right, a pilot looks at a dashboard.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 18

On the top right, we see a row of boots that suggests a group of officers standing at attention during a formal event. At the bottom right, we see the crest on the epaulette of a red serge uniform with the letters GRC RCMP.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 19

On the left, we see the back of an Emergency Response Team member with his firearm raised. At the top, on the right, three police officers are driving their motorcycles. At the bottom right, an RCMP officer gets ready to jump over a wooden wall.

Super: over 150 career specializations

Screen 20

Screen sequence of an RCMP officer in red serge adjusting his Stetson and looking directly into the camera. Then we see a close-up of a gold RCMP collar badge on the uniform.

Super: a uniform with your name on it is waiting for you

Screen 21

Horse and rider logo on black background

Screen 22

SUPER: rcmpcareers.ca

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SUPER: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2017.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police / Gendarmerie royale du Canada signature

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Canada wordmark

Who are we?

The RCMP consists of over 19,000 police officers who, along with civilian employees, make up Canada's national police service. We are unique in that we provide policing services at the international, federal, provincial and municipal levels. We know that diversity in our workforce makes us stronger and we are committed to building a police service that reflects the communities we serve.

What do we do?

As a RCMP police officer, you will work to prevent and solve crime, enforce federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal law, build and maintain relationships with communities, and above all, keep Canadians safe.

With international, national, provincial/territorial, and municipal policing mandates, the RCMP offers over 150 different types of career opportunities to choose from. Here are just a few of the specializations we offer: General Duty Policing, Indigenous Community Policing; Forensic Identification, Drugs and Organized Crime Investigation, Financial Crime, Emergency Response Team, Integrated Border Enforcement Team, National Security, VIP Protective Service, Police Dog Services, Marine Services, International Peace Operations, Explosives Disposal and many more.

Some of the duties of a police officer:

  • Community awareness and relationship building
    • Support crime prevention and intervention initiatives
    • Build and develop relationships with communities
    • Contribute to the health and safety of Indigenous communities
  • Ensure the safety and security of the public
    • Respond to emergencies
    • Provide assistance to victims
    • Prevent and reduce youth involvement in crime as victims and offenders
  • Enforce the law
    • Apprehend criminals
    • Enforce highway and traffic laws
  • Conduct investigations
    • Collect evidence at crime scenes
    • Interview suspects and witnesses
    • Investigate accidents and crime scenes
    • Testify in court

Is this the right career for you?

  • RCMP police officers work shifts

    Policing is a 24-hour-per-day necessity and you should expect to work shifts, including nights, evenings, weekends and holidays.

  • Where will I get posted after training? Do I have a choice?

    Serving communities across Canada

    The RCMP is a national organization with diverse career opportunities like no other police service. Applicants may be asked to relocate anywhere within Canada where there is need of your services. We appreciate the strong ties to your communities and for this reason, every effort will be made to accommodate placing applicants in their preferred province for their first post following graduation as well as working with you on your long-term career path. Operational needs, your interests and experience will also help to determine the exact location of a posting.

    The number of times a police officer will be relocated varies depending on the police officer's role, promotional interests, human resourcing needs and available opportunities. The RCMP serves communities across the country and by being mobile, our police officers gain a variety of experience while developing their career and ensuring to meeting the operational needs of the organization.

  • RCMP police officers carry a firearm and sometimes use force in the interest of public safety

    As a police officer, you will be expected to carry a firearm and use it or any other force necessary to restore order and safety.

  • RCMP police officers are often exposed to trauma, violence and disturbing events and need the skills to cope

    You will act as helper and protector in difficult situations and need to maintain your mental and physical health. You will have access to programs that will teach you critical wellness skills and access to supports when needed.

  • RCMP police officers have opportunities to do specialized policing:

    You may choose to continue in general duty policing, or you may have the desire and opportunity to train for and transfer to more specialized areas of policing.

Need more?

Becoming a police officer starts with training.

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