Coastal Watch

In ports and marinas, be our eyes and ears! Help us protect you. Report suspicious activities by calling 1-800-771-5401.

Signs – How to recognize suspicious activities in ports and marinas

  • No name or registration
  • Name affixed on portable device
  • Cash payments for equipment, property, fuel, repairs
  • Boat abandoned in marina or work yard for long periods of time
  • Unusual itinerary
  • Irregular schedule that differs from regular hours and fishing schedules
  • Vessel may have additional fuel capacity (drums, jerry cans) and an inflatable boat
  • Crew reluctant to leave vessel while it is being serviced and/or other unusual security measures
  • Anchors/cruises in one area for no apparent reason
  • Vessel anchored or running without lights during hours of darkness
  • Vessel rides low in water or has false painted water lines
  • Visible changes to the hull: scratches, fresh paint, suspicious marks or modifications, etc.
  • Boats from foreign countries in very remote or isolated locations

If it's suspicious, report it. Contact us

Boats in marina

Do not approach suspicious individuals or ask them questions.

Report any suspicious activity by calling: 1-800-771-5401.

Give any information you have on:

  • boat/vessel (description, size, colour, flag, location, etc.)
  • suspicious individual(s)
  • licence numbers, visible markings, registration details
  • the nature of activities you have observed
  • times and dates of occurrences

Your observations, judgment and knowledge of the area are very useful. If something seems suspicious or abnormal, let us know.

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