RCMP Path of Reconciliation

The RCMP is actively engaging in the continuous process of reconciliation, and working to strengthen trust and relationships. We are listening and taking positive actions.

We have been engaging with national Inuit, First Nations and Métis leaders. We are formalizing working relationships that will strengthen not only information sharing, but also how we collaborate with Indigenous partners on the work we do.

We recognize that the actions necessary for reconciliation are long-term. The RCMP commits to working with its Government of Canada, provincial and territorial partners to align actions as a response to Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. We will also continue to engage in renewed dialogue with Indigenous communities, Elders, youth, advisory bodies and employees to advance policies, procedures, and processes. There is much work to be done and we are committed to transparency in modernizing the RCMP to advance reconciliation.

RCMP's 2019-2020 report on Reconciliation

The RCMP's first report on reconciliation: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Path of Reconciliation: Strengthening Trust in the RCMP 2019-2020 offers a glimpse of the many RCMP reconciliation initiatives that have already taken place in collaboration with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and people across every province and territory.

The report covers:

  • national and local reconciliation actions
  • the partnerships that have been established
  • the engagement activities

These grass root initiatives and enhanced policing services that have been put into place move the organization forward and on a path towards meaningful reconciliation.

From partnering with Indigenous policing services and acknowledging local traditions to updating national policies and training, this report demonstrates how reconciliation is being woven throughout our organization. It also shows that reconciliation is not one-size fits all, and that it is a road best travelled in partnership with those who have been affected.

The goal of strengthening trust is fundamental to the delivery of culturally relevant policing services – and the RCMP aims to deliver no less.

Divisional Reconciliation Strategies

As part of our modernization efforts (Vision150), the RCMP in each province and territory are using a trauma-informed approach to co-develop reconciliation strategies with stakeholders and communities, employees and advocates.

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