Why get a criminal record check

Reasons for getting a criminal record check

Organizations are responsible for determining their own unique requirements for hiring people. Many organizations require people to get criminal record or vulnerable sector checks for different reasons, some of which include employment, volunteer work, adoption, immigration or foreign travel, or name change.

Because organizations are responsible for their screening procedures, they determine the type of check that is required. If you have questions about why an organization requires a criminal background check, you should consult with them directly.

For guidance on screening practices, refer to Public Safety Canada's The Screening Handbook, 2012 Edition.

Frequency of checks

Criminal record checks include information that is available to police services at the time the check is being processed. There is no guarantee that the information will still be accurate and complete within a few months, weeks or even days. For this reason applicants may be asked to repeat the process for new or existing positions. The company or organization that asked you to get a criminal record check is responsible for determining how often it has to be repeated.

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