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RCMP Programs that are Administered by VAC

The RCMP has partnered with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for more than 60 years to help serving and retired, regular and civilian members and their families. While the RCMP is responsible for the programs and services provided to its members, VAC administers some of these programs on its behalf. This includes the disability pension and health benefit programs for a service-related injury or illness.

Help after a service-related injury or illness

Disability Pension: a monthly tax-free payment to compensate for permanent disability caused by a service-related injury or disease. There must be documented evidence on your records that the disability is related to RCMP service. Whether serving or retired, you can apply for a disability pension. Additional pension amounts may be paid for qualified dependants such as a spouse, common-law partner and/or children.

If you qualify for a disability pension you may be eligible for other benefits:

  • Attendance Allowance: an additional tax-free monthly allowance if you are totally disabled and need help with daily living tasks. The amount payable depends on the degree of attendance needed for your personal daily care.
  • Clothing Allowance: a monthly tax-free allowance if your disability causes wear and tear on your clothing or requires you to wear specially made clothing.
  • Exceptional Incapacity Allowance: an additional tax-free monthly benefit if you have an exceptional incapacity related to your pensioned condition(s).
  • Health Care Benefits: Former RCMP regular members, as well as both serving and discharged RCMP civilian members, are eligible to receive health care benefits for a pensioned condition. This includes items such as hearing aids, vision care, dental, medical costs, prescriptions, special equipment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and nursing services. If you are a serving regular member, health benefits related to a pensioned condition are provided by the RCMP.
  • Survivor Benefits may be available upon the death of a member and/or veteran who is in receipt of a disability award.

Help for You and Your Family

Transition Interview: An interview to provide information on VAC program benefits and services and help to identify needs you and your family may have as you transition to civilian life. Family members or other support persons are encouraged to attend.

Case Management Services: Support is available to all discharging and former RCMP members and their families who may be finding it difficult to navigate a transition or change in their lives.

Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinics: Specialize in treating OSIs for Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces members and former RCMP members, across Canada. Serving regular members are referred by RCMP Health Services.

VAC Assistance Service (24-hour counselling with a mental health professional: 1-800-268-7708) – Free confidential, professional counselling services, including bereavement counselling, to support former members and their families dealing with personal problems that affect their quality of life.

For more information: Visit and search "RCMP" or contact VAC, toll free, at 1-866-522-2122.

Register for My VAC Account today at to start an application or to securely communicate with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Office of the Veterans Ombud (OVO): Provides information / referrals and complaint resolution for those who believe they have been treated unfairly by Veterans Affairs Canada.

RCMP-VAC Liaison Officers: The RCMP-VAC Liaison Program was established to facilitate and coordinate activities between the RCMP and VAC. RCMP-VAC Liaison Officers help RMs, CMs and their families navigate the programs and services delivered by VAC. For more information email