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Specialized Policing Services


Through its various service lines, SPS provides critical front-line operational support services not only to the RCMP but also to its partners across the entire Canadian law enforcement and criminal justice communities, as well as to select foreign organizations.

SPS Vision

SPS will, in consultation with clients and stakeholders, focus on effective and efficient methods to deliver specialized and essential services to meet the growing expectations and increasing demands of both the public and law enforcement.

Collectively, SPS programs provide:

  • analysis of violent and serial crime
  • forensic analyses of criminal evidence
  • criminal records information
  • identification services
  • technological capabilities in support of criminal operations
  • enhanced learning opportunities
  • coordination of criminal information and intelligence
  • the reduction of firearms-related incidents, and
  • Information management and technology

SPS Service Lines

Several advisory bodies assist SPS programs by offering strategic and tactical advice and guidance, such as the NPS Advisory Council, the National DNA Data Bank Advisory Committee, and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada National Executive Committee.

National Police Services

The RCMP is also responsible for the stewardship and delivery of National Police Services (NPS).

NPS is renowned for the quality of its expertise and ability to develop and deploy leading edge technologies, while promoting integrated policing. The consistency, high standards, interoperability and availability of NPS information and services ensure that Canada remains one of the safest countries in the world.

National Police Services is a global leader in the development of leading edge scientific and identification methodologies and tools to fight crime. Programs are provided through key areas which are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. The success of all operations and policing efforts is contingent upon the integrity, sustainability and excellence of these programs and services.